Korea Board Game - Penguin Ice Breaker Spin Master

Korea Board Game 
Penguin Ice Breaker Spin Master

Don't drop penguins!
Spin the roulette wheel to break the white and blue ice blocks.
Whoever drops the penguin on the ice is defeated!

[How to play]

- Assemble the 4 legs of the ice plate on the ice plate, with the ice plate upside down,
put all blurs regardless of color on the ice plate.
-When all blocks are inserted,
turn over the ice plate and place the penguin horse in the center of the ice plate.
- Go back and forth in a clockwise direction. On my turn,
I turn the roulette wheel and follow the directions of the square where the arrow stops. Roulette has a total of 4 squares.
- The game is over when someone drops a penguin while taking turns.