Kong Soon-Singing Windmill Drum Toddler toys Exciting sound Twinkle LED light

Kong Soon-Singing Windmill Drum

Snowflakes fly when the windmill spins round and round,
and have fun with a magical magic touch!

-Kongsoon song
The fun melody of Kongsoon comes out in Korean and English versions,
and the song changes every time you touch it.

-orally narrated children's story
Interesting and interesting fairy tales come out in Korean and English.
The story changes every time you touch it.
-Exciting sound
-Twinkle LED light
Left Drum-Drumming of exciting beats, changing the beat with each press.
Right drum-There are various drum sounds, so you can play more enjoyable.
-Animal sounds and English
It tells the name of the animal in English and sounds the animal. The sound of the animal changes every time you touch it.
-Volume control: The volume is in 1~9 levels, and it gets bigger and gets smaller with each touch.