KoCool Nasal cold, nasal congestion, nasal piercing cream 8gx 2EA Contains Peppermint Eucalyptus oil

KoCool Nasal cold, nasal congestion, nasal piercing cream 8g

KoCool can be used for both children and adults
Daily necessities due to the changing seasons in winter
* Peppermint-Aroma essential oil
*Contains natural aloe vera extract- It relieves tension in mind and body through the nose and adjusts the condition.
*Simple to use, high portability.
*main ingredient :
-Peppermint Oil: Gives a refreshing scent and refreshing sensation/ Clears the mind and wakes you up when you are drowsy.
-Aloe vera leaf extract: Makes the skin soft and supple, and soothes sensitive and sensitive skin.
-Eucalyptus leaf oil: purifies the skin / prevents dryness in the nose.

[How to use]
Please squeeze the right amount into your hands.
You can adjust the amount according to your preference. You can also use a cotton swab. (A drop of about 2-3mm is enough.)
Apply it on the inside of your nose. Apply lightly as if rubbing your finger across your nose.
After applying, gently grasp your nose and rub.
[Recommended for such a person]
-When the inside of the nose is uncomfortable and interferes with daily life.
-When the nose is blocked and you breathe through your mouth
-Candidates who need to focus on studying
-Anyone, young or old
-People going on vacation or overseas travel