Kitchen Art Rafale folding pot 0.6L (KK-F600HF)

Kitchen Art Rafale folding pot 0.6L (KK-F600HF)

Convenient outdoors and travel! Foldable electrical pot made of silicone that can be used!
-Easy portability with folding method
It can be quickly and easily folded and carried by pressing with one hand, and its compact size does not take up space.
-Secure folding handle
When the handle is lowered all the way, the handle is fixed by the handle fixing device.
When the lever is lowered, the lock is released and can be folded by lifting the handle.
-Inner lid 304 stainless steel, lid rim equipped with non-toxic silicone packing.
-Inner floor made of stainless steel
-Floor non-slip rubber support installed

[How to use]
When the main body is unfolded: It is easily unfolded by pulling the holder at the bottom of the main body and the upper part of the main body.
(If you hold the lid other than the body, it will not open.)
When unfolding the handle: Tilt the handle until the button is raised with a “click” sound.
If the button is not raised, the handle will not be fixed.
When folded: Pull the handle folding button down to unlock the handle.
Fold the handle in the direction of the lid and press the lid to fold.
Rated voltage:220v,60Hz
Power consumption: 600w
Capacity: 600 ml