[Kim Jung Moon Aloe]Cure Ampoule Mist 100ml Moisture soothing cooling firmness Whitening Anti-wrink

Kim Jung Moon Aloe Cure Glow Ampoule Mist 100ml

Whitening, wrinkle improvement Dual functional skin glow

Whitening, elasticity management

Premium radiant ampoule mist that helps balance oil and moisture and calm irritated skin

8: 2 Double defense system of moisture and moisture!

Moisturizing layer-Aloe leaf extract (candela bra aloe leaf extract) and
moisturizing oil form a firm moisturizing protective layer of skin

Moisture layer-Aloe vera leaf juice and extract extracts provide moisture, soothing and nutrition
Green moisturizing layer containing Aborescens and plant-derived moisturizing oil is artificial pigment NO!

How to use

When you feel dry, close your eyes and shake the product at a distance of
15 ~ 20cm from the face to mix the moisturizing layer and the water layer well.
After spraying it evenly over your face, tap it for absorption.

It is a mist spray type that is applied evenly across the face.
It is not a rich oil that is excessively on the skin, but only a moisturizing film that absorbs quickly.

Ampoule Care Anywhere

* When you need skin soothing
* When you want moist skin care after washing your face
* When skin becomes sensitive
* When you need keratin care before and after makeup
* When you are worried about skin that sometimes dries easily