Kim Jeong-moon Aloe Signature Cure 3X Anti-Aging Cream 50ml

Kim Jeong-moon
Aloe Cure Signature 3X Cream 50ml

A dual-functional cream that contains aloe vera leaf juice
and aloe leaf extract formulated in the optimal ratio to protect the skin from the external environment and help make it elastic.
-Forehead, nasolabial folds, wrinkles around the eyes tripled, helping to improve skin tone and anti-aging.
-Maximize the efficacy and effect of aloe by upgrading the ingredients of aloe avocado by 300%
-An elasticity cream that helps improve wrinkles around the forehead,
nasolabial folds and eyes, improve skin density and lift sagging facial cheeks.
-Cares brightly mottled skin due to external environment and aging, and helps in relieving blemishes.
-An anti-aging cream that helps with moisture holding effect for 100 hours,
moisturizes the skin, and helps anti-oxidation effect with the product itself.
-Special Melting Formula
-11 human body application tests completed

[How to use]
At the step of using the cream,
take an appropriate amount of the product and apply it evenly.