Kfood Fiber Slim (5g x 6EA) x 3EA Psyllium husk dietary fiber, Garcinia cambogia extract product

K Food Fiber Slim
5g x 6packs

-Easy to eat pill type
-1 pouches contain about 2783mg of Psyllium husk dietary fiber,
5567mg can be ingested when 2 pouches of recommended daily amount are ingested

-Various auxiliary ingredients
5 enzymes (a-amylase, protease, lipase, invertase, glucoamylase), aloe (leaf) extract powder,
green tea extract powder, furun concentrate powder, kelp fermentation,
aronia fermentation, mung bean fermentation, brown rice fermentation Water, pumpkin fermentation

[How to take]
Twice a day, take 1 packet (5g) at a time with K-food Fiber Slim and 200ml of water.