Kerasys Heat Active Dry Essence 220ml x 2/4EA Treatment to apply (extreme damage hair care)


Kerasys Heat Active Dry Essence 220ml

Easy-to-apply treatment that does not require washing (extreme damage hair care)
The more dry, the better your hair
* Thermal activation care system
A technical application in which the effect of hair care ingredients is enhanced when heat is reached,
resulting in a deep treatment effect.

*Extreme damage nutrition care
7 kinds of protein (silk, keratin, wheat, soybean, milk, elastin, rice) +
natural oil (rose hip, jojoba, coconut) nutrients are absorbed and refreshing deep care
*Heat protection system
It is a technology that protects hair from 230℃ heat, so it can be dried without worrying about damage

[Recommended for these people.]

-Those who need intensive management of extreme damage due to frequent dyeing and perm
-Those who want to easily enjoy steam nutrition and clinic effects at home
-Those who are concerned about heat damage when drying
-Those who want to reduce the long and cumbersome hair care steps

[How to use]
Wash your hair with shampoo and dry your hair with a towel.
Apply the product to the remaining wet hair, dry it with a dryer and style it.