Kellogg's Chex Choco Cup Cereal 30g

Kellogg's Chex Choco Cup Cereal 30g

-Cup cereal that can be enjoyed easily and securely anytime, anywhere!
-Just pour milk or yogurt and you're ready to have a healthy meal!
-Delicious chocolate flavor made with five kinds of grains (corn, rice, wheat, oats, barley) that are good for the body!
-When 30g of chex chocolate and milk meet, it turns into thick chocolate milk.
-If you eat milk together, you can get 45% of the calcium you need a day.
Protein 7.9g, calcium 315mg, vitamin C 27mg, etc. You can take 12 kinds of vitamins and minerals that are essential to our body but are easy to lack.

[How to take]
When you go to school or go to work
Simple and delicious one meal anytime, anywhere
A delicious meal
One meal with nuts or fruit with milk or yogurt
Easy snack
As a snack for children when going out