KAHI UV Aqua Balm 9g SPF50+ /PA++++ Moisturizing and nourishing sun care

UV Aqua Balm 9g SPF50+ /PA++++

Wrinkle, whitening, UV protection triple function
Non-sticky finish
Easy to use anytime, anywhere with stick type!
- 3 types of salmon complex that builds skin barrier
Fish Collagen, Salmon PDRN, Salmon Proteoglycan
- 744 hours of Jeju fermented oil fermented with Gahi's unique strain
-Wrinkle and elasticity care
5 types of wrinkle improvement and elasticity!
-Sun care even with a mask on!
-Whitening care
Skin brightening, yellowness, and even calming!
- Sensitive skin suitability test completed so that you can use it with confidence!
Skin irritation test completed!
-Using patented French company S's natural 2 types of mesh, film excel method

[How to use]

When you are worried about wrinkles
Reapply frequently to areas of concern such as around the eyes,
nasolabial folds, and neck wrinkles.

When you are worried about UV rays
Apply once every 3-4 hours to areas that need UV protection.
When going out, reapply frequently to the exposed areas when wearing a mask.