JY Innocent 20 sheets Individually packed General Antibacterial Mask (L,S)

JY Innocent General Antibacterial Mask 20EA

Large and small disposable individual packaging quadruple filter
Comfortable breathing
Excellent adhesion
Comfortable band
General/antibacterial filter
Comfortable 3D structure-Hygienic and comfortable breathing is possible because the ergonomic design does not touch the lips.
* From material to finish, it is carefully selected from Korean raw materials, and hygiene and quality are guaranteed with an automated system.
*Excellent material-Baby diaper lining material is used as an inner skin, so it is soft and comfortable to wear for a long time.
*Nose support-Prevents fogging and dripping, comfortable use by eyeglasses.
Size (There may be errors depending on the measurement method and location.)
Large: 20cm wide and 8.5cm long
Small: 18cm in width 7.5cm in height