Jungle Monster Pet Toothpaste 70g For Both Dog and Cat


Jungle Monster Pet Toothpaste 70g

Jungle monster pet toothpaste that you just need to apply
-Prevention of oral disease
It prevents plaque formation and prevents plaque from forming.
Effective for removing bad breath, preventing dry mouth, and protecting teeth.
-Bird odor removal effect
Removes bad breath and plaque, and keeps teeth strong!
-Easy payment method
Convenient and hygienic pump type
Just apply it with a gel type and you're done!
If you have a companion animal that does not have a feeling of resistance to brushing,
you can see a faster effect when combined with brushing.
Lift the pet's lips and apply it between the gums and teeth.
-Safe ingredients
No-synthetic chemical components, no-toxic substances, no-animal testing
Ascofilum Nodo Island (noted rack extract)-Helps prevent and treat plaque and stones
After swallowing, it comes back into the mouth through saliva and helps the functional ingredient stay in the mouth for a long time.
Bromelain-Helps in digestion and removal of food residues in the mouth
Zinc gluconate-inhibits the growth of caries bacteria by antibacterial action
-Prime chicken flavor

[How to use]

Both dogs and cats can be used, regardless of age.
It is recommended to use it steadily once a day before bed or after meals.