Jumping Hungry Frogs Candy Eating Board Game

Jumping Frog Candy Eating Board Game
Over 8 years old, 2~4 players, game time 10 minutes

Frog Pond is full of colored candies. Frogs flocked to eat sweet candy. Send the frog to the front to get the candy and feed the frog a bunch of candy.

[How to play]
Preparation: Sprinkle the marbles in the middle of the pond, choose the color of each frog and sit behind them.
Start: One player gives the start signal, and when the signal goes off, all players press simultaneously to send the frog forward. When the button is pressed in time, the frog eats the candy and the candy falls in the bowl in front of the player.
The game is over when the candy runs out, and the player who ate the most candy wins.