[Julies Choice]Delicious Water Jelly 20g x 30EA 1Box Water Glow From The Inside

Julie's Choice Delicious Water Jelly 20g x 30

Water jelly to drink from the skin when moisturizing skin is needed, water glow from the inside

-Including the recommended daily intake of hyaluronic acid 120mg.
-[Main ingredient] Moisture bomb hyaluronic acid: It can help moisturize the skin.
-Delicious pomegranate flavor jelly, supplementary ingredient pomegranate concentrate 120mg, 65brix added
-12 additives (N-acetylglucosamine, naicin, vitamin E mixture powder, vitamin D mixture powder,
vitamin B6 hydrochloride, vitamin A mixture powder, zinc, elastin, vitamin C, vitamin B1 hydrochloride, collagen fructooligosaccharide )

- No additives: color, sugar, caffeine
-One bag once a day, a daily moisture recipe that fills deliciously.
If you freeze it coolly in the freezer, the pleasure of eating is doubled!

[Recommended for these people]

-Women who are dry even with moisture products

-People with rough skin and no shine
-People who are dry and need moisture replenishment
-Those who want to balance skin moisture
-Those who want moist and soft skin from the inside
-Those who spend a long time in a dry environment
-Those who want to easily express watery skin
--If you are looking for a delicious healthy snack