DaeJang SaRang Psyllium Diet Fiber (5g x 30EA) Comfortable stool, intestinal cleansing,plantain


DaeJang SaRang Original 150g (5g x 30 packets)

* Health functional food that can help improve blood cholesterol and smooth bowel movements.
*Psyllium husk dietary fiber + aloe extract powder + green tea extract powder
+ western plum concentrated powder + protease, amylase + 12 lactobacillus

Psyllium fiber promotes intestinal motility: Psyllium husk dietary fiber absorbs water in the intestine
and expands up to 40 times to help promote intestinal peristalsis.

[Recommended for these people.]
-Long-term to worry
-Toilets that you can't go to often
-A plump and stuffy chapter

[How to take]
We recommend pouring it into your mouth and swallowing it with water.
If you have difficulty nagging, divide 1 packet into 2 times.
Two cups of water are recommended based on a paper cup (120ml), and drink with enough water.
It is recommended to take before meals, and it is not recommended to drink with other beverages other than water.