[JSOOP ]Purple J Water Pack 200ml No Wash Hair Pack


JSOOP Purple J Water Pack 200ml

No Wash Hair Pack
Perfect softness that changes the moment you apply it
Skin safety test, hair strength clinical test completed
-Protects hair from heat damage
Provides nutrition with natural moisturizing ingredients activated by heat
-Non-washable hair pack
A new concept hair pack that is absorbed and does not wash off without any residue left on the hair
-Improvement of cracked hair and cuticle
Effectively give nutrients to damaged hair
-Sure care with 5 kinds of protein
Concentrated supply of protein, an essential component of hair
* Save time for busy daily life!!
Do not wash. Apply and dry, and you're done!

[How to use]
Spread the product on your palm and spread it out.
Apply evenly to wet towel-dried hair.
Dry using a hot air balloon.

1. As this product contains a large amount of protein,
use only the right amount according to the length of your hair!
Short hair-Use the size of a pea.
Long Hair-Use the size of an almond.
2. After using the water pack, drying the hair and then using high-temperature hair products
such as a curling iron or a dryer is more effective in supplying and protecting the hair.
Dry the hair thoroughly before using the curling iron.
3. As it is a protein formulation, it should be stored at room temperature
to be used conveniently because the formulation is not hardened.