JSOOP Hair Pack Treatment 1000g Highly concentrated formulation 5.5pH weak acid product

JSOOP Hair Pack Treatment 1000g

Shine with intensive nutrition supply!
High concentration of nutrients maximizes the shine and scent of hair even with a small amount.
*Golden nutrition facts
Contains hydrolyzed silk and propolis extract
With keratin, dazzling shine coating
* Brightly glowing angeling care
Angeling complete with healthy and shiny hair
* Smooth like silk
Instant softness at your fingertips
*Enchanting and fascinating fragrance
A subtle scent that lasts for a long time even after drying hair
-Highly concentrated formulation that is firm like a cream
-5.5pH weak acid product that maintains a healthy scalp condition

[Recommended for these people.]

-Frequent bleaching, dyed hair
-Dry and lack of shine hair
-Busy hair

[How to use]

After shampooing, remove moisture, apply treatment from the tip of the hair,
and wipe off the remaining powder like hand combing.
Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water for 5-10 minutes until you don't feel smooth on your hands,
then dry with a towel to remove moisture.
Damaged hair tip: In the case of damaged hair, apply the treatment and push it upward from the bottom of the hair.
After applying, wrap the hair with a steam towel and leave for about 10 minutes, then rinse.

*The steam towel treatment is recommended twice a week for damaged hair and twice a month for healthy hair.