Jespa Move Traction Knee Massager Pneumatic Low Frequency Massager ZP2670 Bent knee massager


Jespa Move Traction Knee Massager
Pneumatic Low Frequency Massager ZP2670
Bent knee massager

* Folding design
Even in a free posture, massage is possible without lack of massage.
*Air acupressure massage
The air acupressure system is divided into 3 parts (calf area, knee area, thigh area) so that
the inner finish does not escape even when the knee is bent.
The ergonomic design wraps the knee tightly and releases it softly.
*EMS low frequency massage
A low-frequency massage that stimulates even the inside of the muscles, and cools down tired muscles.
-About 48cm of low-frequency connection line can be attached not only to the knee but also to other parts, allowing dual massage.
-In addition to controlling the intensity of the low frequency, the low frequency mode can also be adjusted according to the user's condition.

Three different modes can be set.
Low frequency mode can be set by briefly pressing the power button while low frequency mode is on.
(You can check the changed mode with the low frequency indicator.)
Basic (Frequency Mode 1): The mode that starts first when the low frequency is executed, the low frequency indicator flashes slowly,
and the low frequency mode combines vibration and tapping massage.
Tapping (low frequency mode 2): The low frequency indicator flashes quickly,
and this is a low frequency mode that focuses on tapping.
Vibe (low frequency mode 3): Low frequency indicator light is on,
vibration and tapping are combined, but vibration-oriented low frequency mode.

*Micro vibration massage
It gently and gently cares for tense muscles with minute vibrations.
*Heat massage
*Code free
Charge for 3 hours, use for 3 hours.

[Manage it not late.]
-It is difficult to go up and down stairs for a long time.
-On rainy days, sleep is sometimes disturbed by uncomfortable knees.
-My joints are sore when I wake up in the morning.
-It's not easy when you sit and get up.
-Due to the intense exercise, I sometimes feel strain on my knees.

[Using low frequency]
After connecting the enclosed low frequency connection line to the product connection terminal,
turn on the product and press the low frequency button "+" to start the low frequency mode.
Try setting the low frequency intensity that suits you.
Intensity can be set using the low frequency buttons "-", "+",

Rated voltage:100-240v,50/60Hz,0.5A
Rated output:5Vdc,2A
Power consumption:10w
Operating time: about 15 minutes