Jenny House Truffle Firming Cream 50ml Highly Concentrated Anti-aging Moisturizer


Jenny House
Truffle Firming Cream 50ml

Skin full of radiance with a strong skin barrier
Miracle experience, highly concentrated anti-aging cream
-Power to soothe tired skin
-Smooth and luxurious shining skin
-Realizes elastic skin by strengthening the skin barrier
-You can feel the firmness with a moist texture that penetrates without stickiness the moment you apply it.
-72 hours black truffle fermentation extract and natural extract form a moist and firm barrier layer
to strengthen the barrier and provide a vibrant and radiant skin.
A sense of elasticity from the depths of the skin, and confident skin that helps with wrinkles.
main ingredient
Western truffle extract, black yeast extract, bergamot fruit oil, carrot seed oil

[How to use]

After washing your face in the morning and evening,
take an appropriate amount and spread evenly on your face.