Jenny House No Wash Cleansing Water 200ml Weak Acid Cleanser

Jenny House
No Wash Cleansing Water 200ml 

Finding the oil and moisture balance of my skin!

-Cleansing water that resembles the skin
It contains natural ingredients that have a pH balance similar to that of the skin,
helping to cleansing and strengthening skin moisturization.

-Moist without irritation
After cleansing, there is no residual sensation of waste and sebum,
and it provides a cleansing effect that maintains the moisture without feeling pulling.

-Mild cleansing with natural ingredients
As cleansing water containing natural floral ingredients, it helps soothing, moisturizing, softening and protecting.

* Contains damask rose flower water and everlasting flower water

* Herb Complex: Contains natural herbal extracts such as lavender,
tea tree, rosemary, lemon balm leaves, eucalyptus, and peppermint.
-Convenience that does not require washing with water
Provides the convenience of cleansing anytime, anywhere, while traveling.

[Use it in this case.]
-Those who are not comfortable using cleanser in the morning due to dryness
-Those who have sensitive skin and are looking for a mild cleanser
-People who have difficulty organizing sebum/wastes
-People with frequent makeup
-Those who want to keep moist even after makeup

[How to use]
Moisten an appropriate amount on a cotton pad. Wipe along the skin texture.