[Jennifer Room] Talking Egg Steamer Boiler White JR-E1155WH


[Jennifer Room]
Talking Egg Steamer White JR-E1155WH

-Voice guidance function to tell the cooking status
You can easily know the cooking status with 3 voice guidance and 2 notifications.
-6 steps life control
Easy and delicious cooking in 6 steps from soft and soft to hard ripened.
-Easy and fast cooking
Up to 6 can be cooked at the same time, moist soft-boiled within 8 minutes.
No need for a timer and can be cooked quickly.
-Easy to store in mini size.
-Easy to store and store integrated measuring cup.
-Various steam dishes other than eggs
Steam dishes can be cooked using a 6-hole tray.

[How to use]

-Put the eggs in the steamer.
-After removing the water cup from the front drawer, make a hole with a needle.
If the temperature of the egg changes rapidly (when stored in the refrigerator), it may burst or crack. To avoid this, make a hole with an awl at the bottom of the measuring cup. If the eggs are stored at room temperature, it does not matter if they are not drilled.
-Pour water, close the lid, and press the button.
-Please wait until you inform the cooking condition you want. You can enjoy a total of 6 levels of moist soft-boiled/soft soft-boiled/hard ripened according to the voice guidance according to your preference.
Rated voltage/power consumption :220V~ 60Hz /350W