[Jay Jun] Okra Phyto Mucin Deep Clear Peeling Gel 150ml

[Jay Jun]
Okra Phyto Mucin Deep Clear Peeling Gel 150ml

A peeling gel that cleanly removes skin impurities and dead skin cells for a smooth and clean skin texture.
Skin hypoallergenic test completed / Cosmetics suitable for use with sensitive skin /
Pore cleansing power test completed / Skin keratin mass improvement test completed after one use

Soft and gentle peeling gel for bright and bright skin
Care for sensitive skin gently and smoothly without worrying about irritation
From Gomage type to dead skin cell care and scrub massage effect with grape seed powder.
*6-Pitot vegetable mucin complex contained
Contains 10,000ppm of okra fruit extract, a viscous, mucous vegetable mucin ingredient
Okra fruit extract, Molokia leaf extract, seaweed extract, yam root extract, lotus root extract, natto gum
*EWG Green Grade 100%

[How to use]
After cleansing, take an appropriate amount on dry face,
apply evenly over the entire face excluding eyes and lips, massage gently, and wash off thoroughly.
It is suitable to use 1-2 times a week, but please adjust the number of times according to your skin type and condition.