[Jambaek ]Black Garlic Extract 70ml x 30EA Add 350mg of red ginseng + 700mg of maca

Black Garlic Extract 70ml x 30EA

* Enzyme fermentation method that contains nature as it is
Production method that can be consumed as it is without destroying nutrients through enzyme fermentation
*The natural taste of garlic
Unlike the hot water extraction method in which colors, aromas,
and nutrients are destroyed by applying heat at low/high temperatures,
the color and flavor remain the same, giving the original taste of the ingredients.
There is no destruction of nutrients because it is fermented with enzymes to liquefy.
*Add 350mg of red ginseng + 700mg of maca.
*Sugar-free/pigment-free/preservative-free/chemical additive-free
*Added fructo-oligosaccharide and pineapple
** In the case of an unusual constitution or an allergic constitution, check the ingredients before taking.