[Jaiel] Moisture Mild Cream 50ml Highly moisturizing

Moisture Mild Cream 50ml

Highly moisturizing cream that helps with double moisture
Solve obstacles and increase concentration!
Paraben-free, fragrance-free, pigment-free, silicone-free
4 main ingredients
Jaielite: Moisture supply, moisture absorption
Ceramide: Skin protection, moisture evaporation inhibition
Centella asiatica extract: strengthens skin elasticity, soothes skin
Madecassoside: Skin soothing, skin protective film formation

Recommended for such skin

-When using a light moisturizing cream
-When the existing moisturizing cream cannot be absorbed and it is sticking out of the skin
-When you need a fresh moisture cream without stickiness
-When mild and mild skin care is desperate

[How to use]
Toner-Moisture Moisture Cream-Make-up.
Applying once more to the area except for the T zone can help keep moisturizing power for a long time.
It is helpful for intensive moisture care when applied not only to the face, but also to very dry areas such as the back of the neck or hands.