J Forest Red J Scalp Care Scalp Heal Pack 200ml

J Forest
Red J Scalp Care Scalp Heal Pack 200ml

- Relief of hair loss symptoms
Helps sensitive and sensitive scalp with natural ingredients good for scalp
- Proven non-irritating to the skin
As a result of human application test, it was judged to be a non-irritating substance.
- Scalp: Reduced red area
Scalp care with 9 patented ingredients including ginseng
-Improve hair strength
- Cooling feeling
With menthol, etc., it has a refreshing scent and a cooling sensation immediately upon contact with the scalp.
- No added harmful ingredients
Silicone, artificial color, SLS, phthalate

[How to use]

After shampooing,
apply scalp heel pack according to the condition of the scalp and massage lightly.
It is recommended to use it once a day,
but adjust the use cycle according to the individual hair condition.
After 2~3 minutes of natural leave,
rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water to do scalp home care.