ivenet grain popcorn joapong 30g x 5EA babay Nutritional snacks

ivenet grain joapon 30g

A nutritious snack made from Korean whole wheat, barley, and brown rice without frying,
but through a simple puffing process (traditional popping method).
Even the sweetness of jujube fits in one bite!
The taste and nutrition of the grains are evenly contained.
It was made in a size that fits the child's mouth so that the child can put it in one bite without spilling it.
No synthetic chemical additives (caramel color, synthetic fragrance, emulsifier, etc.) are added.
You can enjoy the natural taste of the grain as it is.
It's not hard or sticky in your mouth, and it loosens, so you can eat it more deliciously.
It can be eaten as a snack, or as a meal replacement with milk or soy milk.