itfer Skinlux Ultra Moist Cream Moisturizer 50ml pH5.5

Skinlux Ultra Moist Moist Cream 50ml 

It is a cream that is comfortable for the skin and has both nutrition,
application and moisturizing power.
*The key to becoming a velvet skin:
With natural keratin care ingredients,
you can take care of not only dead skin cells but also makeup residues more cleanly.
-Edelweiss Callus
Edelweiss callus cabbage extract has twice the antioxidant effect than vitamin C,
and protects the skin from the sun to help moisturize the skin, improve dermal density, wrinkles around the eyes, and lift the skin.
* 6 hyaluronic acid moisturizing complex
It replenishes moisture with the skin affinity of ultra-low molecular weight, and the hyaluronic acid moisturizing complex fills between collagen and elastin to protect the moisture from evaporating in the skin.
*No addition of 20 harmful ingredients
* Only EWG 1-2 grade raw materials are carefully selected and used.

[How to use]

Daily care by gently applying at the finishing stage of skin care in the morning and evening.
Intensive care by using it with a serum suitable for skin problems
Layered layers for night care with a sleeping pack!