[ISOI]Bulgarian Rose Refresh Mask 80g Moisture + soothing + vitality + smooth morning rose mask

Bulgarian Rose Refresh Mask 80g /50g 

When your face looks unusually dull and fuzzy!
When you need moisture & soothing!

The rose of dawn is full of life!
10 minutes to care for tired skin!
Skin texture that shines brightly with a hydrating feeling that fills!
Moist and smooth, vital skin!

*70% rose water of the morning rose
Use of Bulgarian Rose Water in the same eye as blemishes serum!
*Moisture + soothing + vitality + smooth morning rose mask
Moisturizing rose mask that restores vitality with only 10 minutes care for dull skin and skin that needs soothing
*Tentacle moisture mask that lasts even after washing
* No dripping! Cooling gel mask
Highly concentrated cooling gel without worrying about flowing down even if you apply thicker!

[Recommended to you]
-When sensitive skin needs cooling and immediate soothing
-When the skin looks dark and dull
-When you need to recharge fresh moisture
-Invest 10 minutes before makeup on an important day

[How to use]
After cleansing, take an appropriate amount and spread evenly on the dry face, except around the eyes. After 5-10 minutes, gently rinse with lukewarm water.
* If you see black particles in the formulation, it means that the rose petals are clustered or contain flowers, etc., and it is not a foreign substance.
However, it may feel a little hard, so be careful of rolling too strong.
** Bulgarian Rose Refresh Mask 50g is for a limited time only, and orders will be canceled automatically when exhausted.**