Isoi Bulgarian Rose Cover Fit Natural Foundation Color Makeup Powder Solid Mild 8.5g SPF30 PA+++


Sun Care + Foundation + Powder at once!

3 functions Multifact

Creamy foundation for bar, close-up powder, SPF30 ultraviolet protection!

Helps skin condition

Bulgarian Rose Oil rich in vitamins helps skin look tired

Skin Tone & Scarlet Macro Covers

Lightly tapping to correct skin tone, helping to reduce micro-scratches

Pore clogging furnace

Contains rich natural ingredients, so sensitive skin can be used safely


[ 2 Puff Tips ]

If you want to express natural skin, just gently rub it with a sponge puff.

If you want a more smooth skin expression, tap on the air puff!


Now you need coverfits.

If you want a bright makeup with good coverage .

If you want a fresh makeup that does not shine.

If you are looking for multiple products with sunscreen, foundation and powder functions.

Looking for natural makeup products without worrying about clogging pores.