[ISOi] BR Intensive Lifting Elasticity Spot Cream 25ml Moist and elastic care

BR Intensive Lifting Elasticity Spot 25ml

-Highly concentrated lifting spot
Bulgarian rose oil quickly delivers wrinkle-improving active ingredients to care from under the skin,
from hidden wrinkles to deep wrinkles

-Moist and elastic spot
Moisturizing ingredients derived from nature such as macadamia seed oil, shea butter, etc.
cares for natural moisture in thin and sensitive areas.

-Tension energy spot
An energizing spot where 9 plant complexes, such as broccoli, gold,
and licorice, act on the skin elasticity mechanism and increase the strength from the inside of the skin.

-Simple massage spot
The metal applicator makes it easy to use, and the content absorption rate is improved with the cooling massage effect!

[How to use]

Pump the product in an appropriate amount and gently roll it around the eyes, lips, brows, and forehead.
If you pat massage using an applicator, it helps to improve the softness and elasticity.