[IOPE]Moist Cleansing Whipping Foam 180ml Keratin Pore Care


Natural derived beads,
pore keratin care, sebum care foam

Deep cleansing whipped foam that enriches the skin with rich,
naturally-derived beads (naturally konjac grains clean and smooth the surface of the skin) and
removes impurities from fine dust.

Moist Cleansing Line Features

1. 3-functions Urban-Refreshing
Fine dust removal, skin cleansing, balancing care

2. Natural origin ingredients
Mild cleansing containing natural ingredients

3.HET-CAM tested
Eye irritation replacement test completed

4. 6-free formulated system
No animal raw materials, synthetic pigments, sulphate surfactants, silicone oils, mineral oils, triethanolamines.

How to use

Take an appropriate amount on the wet palms to make a foam,
then rub the entire face gently, then rinse thoroughly with water.