IOPE Men All Day Perfect All-in-One 120ml Wrinkle improvement, Whitening, Soothing Care

Men All Day Perfect All-in-One 120ml

(wrinkle improvement, whitening, soothing all-in-one)

Bio all-in-one fluid that easily cares for dull and shiny skin to make it bright and lively
Antioxidant care: Raises tired skin condition and adjusts oiliness caused by sebum
3IN 1: Easy and convenient care for men's real skin concerns
Dull skin + sebum + dry skin + wrinkles + after shaving
Skin soothing effect: Contains peppermint extract to provide a cooling feeling
* Refreshing and non-sticky, cooling feeling

[How to use]
After washing your face, pump an appropriate amount and gently spread from the inside to the outside of your face.
Gently tap the face with the palm of your hand to absorb the remaining contents.