[Intake]Spinach Cream Curry 130g 125kcal x 5EA

Spinach Cream Curry 130g 125kcal

A softer and lighter curry restaurant with whole spinach!
Healthy, authentic Indian Palak Panir curry that is filled with milk and spinach and enjoys a milder taste.
The seasoning is not salty or sweet, so it is a mild curry that children can eat
The natural flavoring was improved to make it more flavorful.
The amount of sauce was increased to match 1 instant rice.
Spinach cream curry that's just warmed up
Deeper taste by aging for 12 hours
Add 19 kinds of natural spices.
To make the onion sweet, fry it for 4 hours or more and use it in the sauce.
Add a little water and cook to make a thick, not thin curry.

[How to cook]

Microwave 2 minutes
Heat in a microwave oven or a separate bowl for 2 minutes.
2 minutes at 700W / 1 minute 30 seconds at 1000W
3 minutes in boiling water!
You can easily remove the wrapping paper from the pot by using the chopstick hole in the corner.