Inok Arden PTC Hot Air Fan 3 seconds Rapid Heating IA-E2 Heater

Inok Arden
PTC Hot Air Fan Rapid Heating IA-E2 

It is characterized by uniform heat generation, quiet operation sound, and strong durability,
and does not generate flame, soot, and smoke, and does not burn oxygen, enabling pleasant heating.
*3 seconds rapid heating-Warm warm air that meets quickly without preheating
The high-efficiency PTC heating wire quickly warms the surroundings with instantaneous hot air that does not require preheating.
PTC is a material used in the inflection unit and converts 97% of the electrical energy into thermal energy.
*Super speed rapid heating
*600w power
*Full automatic left and right rotation
Heating can be made wider by rotating left and right within an angle of about 50 degrees.
*Two modes of warm air/ventilation, pleasant warmth
*Multiple safety devices
-Tight safety net
-Overheating prevention device (stop operation when the surrounding temperature of the heating part is over 80℃)
-Conduction safety device (automatically cut off power when the product falls)
-ABS material (It is a heat-resistant ABS material that has low risk of burns and fire.)

[Recommended for such people.]

-When partial warmth is insufficient
-When it is burdensome to do the whole heating when alone
-They need immediate warmth.
-When your hands are cold because of the cold bean in the office
-When you need heating at the campsite
-When you want comfortable heating
Rated voltage :220v, 60Hz
Power consumption: 600w