Innoview Swiss Military Pro Air Moving Dryer SMA-MD1800

Swiss Military
Pro Air Moving Dryer SMA-MD1800

*It is a new technology dryer that rotates the central part of the nozzle 360 ​​degrees
and adjusts the air volume of the wind with a tapping method to protect the hair texture and help dry and styler quickly.

*Hook-type all-in-one stand mount allows both hands to be freed, providing unprecedented convenience.

* Quick drying-2000w large capacity and powerful air volume

It is more convenient to use through a two-step wind speed control function and
a three-step hot air temperature control implementation method that makes the difference between quick drying of hair and styling completion.

*Momentary cool air cool shot button
* Concentrated slim nozzle-This is a general slim nozzle that evenly distributes the air volume above and below.
This is a concentrated slim nozzle that can be used in various ways when styling using a brush.

* Pro Air Moving Nozzle-Evenly spreading rotating tornado wind minimizes intensive hair damage caused by heat,
so you can safely dry inner and tip hairs.

* Laryngeal suction method and detachable dust net

The laryngeal inlet allows safe use without hair jamming when drying hair.
The detachable dust prevention net prevents damage to the motor as it can be lightly brushed off when hair enters.

*The 3M generously long cord is chosen by professionals such as beauty salons as well as at home.
Twisting of lines A soft cord is used to prevent twisting and to use safely.

Power consumption: 2000w
Canonical voltage:220v~ ,60Hz