Innerb Snow White 500mg x 56 T UV+ Antioxidant Care Contains 100mg of vitamin C

Innerb Snow White
500mg x 56T

Balanced skin from the ground up, Innerbee
*Dual Care
UV+ Antioxidant Care
- Contains honeybush extract fermented powder (main ingredient) ​
-Contains 100mg of vitamin C
-Contains 3 kinds of auxiliary ingredients
Elastin hydrolyzate, milk ceramide (milk protein concentrate), L-glutathione yeast extract

[Recommended for such people.]
- Those who are concerned about skin damage from UV rays
- Those who want to manage antioxidants together
- Those who are worried about being visibly brittle and rough
- Those who want to take care of the skin from the root
- Those who feel skin irritation due to exposure to UV rays due to outdoor activities/driving, etc.

[How to take]
Take 2 tablets once a day with plenty of water.