Inner ID Dual Collagen Fresh Pomegranate Flavor 20ml x 7Bottles +Veggie Clean Tablet +Argan Cap

Inner ID Dual Collagen Fresh Pomegranate Flavor
20ml x 7 Bottles + Veggie Clean Tablet 400mg x 7 Tablets
+ Argan Capsule 500mg x 7 Capsules

-Dual collagen
A golden combination of berrysol donpi collagen (2500mg) and low molecular fish collagen (1000mg)
-Vegeclean tablet containing 3 kinds of super food
3 kinds of superfood vegetables rich in potassium (old pumpkin, red beet, moringa)
-Premium Vegetable Oil-Argan Oil Capsule
100% Moroccan Extra Virgin Grade Premium Vegetable Oil
-Premium auxiliary material
Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, elastin, ceramide, biotin

[How to take]

Once a day, take 1 bottle of veggieclean and argan oil capsule together.
Take a dual cap and eat at once, drink dual collagen.
One bottle a day can be consumed anytime, anywhere.
How to enjoy more
-Pomegranate ice tea
Put a bottle of inner ID in a cup of water and ice and enjoy with iced tea!
-Pomegranate Ade
Add ice and inner ID, pour sparkling water on it, and enjoy with pomegranate ade!

[If you need an inner ID]
-Collagen nomads who have not yet settled
-I hate eating many things because it's annoying! Finger Princess
-Inner beauty insider who knows collagen well with steamed
-Mother-in-law who carefully weighs the ingredients
-People who love flour, salty food, and fried food