[INCELLDERM] Valato Ethyl Esters Oil Mist 50ml Unisex Strong Skin Protective Film


Inseldom Valato Oil Mist 50ml 

Ethyl esters oil mist/strong skin protective film/
skin dry skin wall care/
perfect viability vitamin&oil, whitening/
wrinkle improvement effect

Active Ingredients-Beautiful Herb Story (Patent) Solid fermentation and
extraction technology for lavender, rosemary and oregano thyme
botaniceutiacl Plus-10 (patented) Licorice riding, sewage, black sesame seeds, mushrooms, Angelica,
baekbaekpi, ginseng, golden mixture
Effect-wrinkle improvement, skin protection effect, whitening effect

How to use
Within 30 seconds after washing, before and after using the basic product,
lightly shake up/down to adjust the distance according to the skin type,
then spray it evenly in a circle, repeating two sets of the skin after spraying 5-6 times at a time.