[INCELLDERM] Dermatology First Package (Booster 120ml+ Serum 45ml) All Skin Type WhiteningWrinkle


Incellderm Dermatology First Package (Booster 120ml+ Serum 45ml)
wrinkle improvement, whitening

* Incellum Dermatology First Booster-A booster that gives even light to the skin if dull skin is a concern.

* Incellum Dermatology First Serum-Serum that taps deep into the skin with three steps of whitening, wrinkle, and moisturizing

1. Intensive care with strong ingredients
Idebenone, amino acid complex, EGF, FGF, and plant stem cells help maintain the natural health of the blood.
2.Safe care with good ingredients
Cypress leaf soothes the skin and natural-derived oil ingredients help deep moisturize, turning it into moist skin.

[How To Use]
1. After spraying the booster for each area near the face, dove it slowly.
2. Place a proper amount of serum on the face and dove it slowly.