[INCELLDERM] Cocktail Aqua BB 30g For all Skin/Helps Skin Whitening and Wrinkle barrier Improvement


Incellderm Cocktail Aqua BB 30g

Fill the skin brightly with the bleeding baboon, not the baboon.
For all skin / Helps skin whitening and wrinkle improvement

Place it on your skin without tapping or rubbing with your hands completely removed.
It is a special skin care method of Incelderm that helps to be safely absorbed into the skin by using it optimized for active ingredients.

The main ingredients applied with ectasomes work deep into the skin to create healthy and firm skin,
whitening skin, improving wrinkles, and strengthening the skin barrier at once~

Soothing effect
Natural skin cover capable of retouching makeup, white jade effect, whitening, wrinkle improvement