[INCELLDERM] Daily Aqua BB 30g For all Skin/Helps Skin Whitening and Wrinkle barrier Improvement


Daily Aqua BB 30g [Renewal]

Daily BB cream that soaks in soft and moisturized and brightens the skin's
natural light to complete smooth and beautiful skin.

* Provides a natural and moist cover
It naturally covers skin flaws with a moist, non-artificial,
moist covering power as if it was applied as if it was not applied, and creates a smooth, radiant skin.

*Take care of skin whitening, wrinkles, and nutritional effects at once
It cares for skin whitening, wrinkles, and nutrition with various active ingredients such as etherbenone and peptide,
and provides healthy skin with centella asiatica extract.

*Completion of primary skin irritation test
It can be used with confidence by completing the skin primary irritation test.

Formulation: A moist and soft formulation that smoothly adheres to the skin,
creating bright and healthy skin as if it was applied or not.

[How to use]
Take an appropriate amount and gently apply it over the entire face according to the skin texture.
After application, it is thoroughly absorbed into the skin to finish.