[INCELLDERM] Calming Balance Gel 100ml Moisture Soothing Maintain Skin Balance


Incellderm Calming Balance Gel 100ml

Moisture soothing, multi-moisturizing healing gel anytime, anywhere

It contains 7 organic organic ingredients, including lavender flower extract and chamomile flower extract,
so it has an excellent effect on skin soothing.
It contains 7-fold hyaluronic acid complex, so it helps to soothe skin and maintain moist skin.
Contains damask rose extract to help maintain skin balance and vitalize skin.
Gold ingredient helps skin cleansing and skin barrier strengthening.

[How to use]
1.Use it when you are soothing your skin from external environment.
2. If you feel dryness in the morning when you open your eyes, use it as a mask pack to make your skin moist.