[INCELLDERM] Active Clean Up Powder Cleanser 90g Powder Enzyme Zero Harmful Ingredients PH Balance


Incellderm Active Clean Up Powder 90g

Powder enzyme cleanser, cleanser, zero harmful ingredients

Gentle but powerful cleanser, cleansing is basic, even PH balance!
It protects the skin with papain enzyme and weak wheat extract, which are natural ingredients,
and cares for soothing and PH balance with collagen, green tea, and aloe vera leaf juice!
Skin moisture protection film care with weak acidic ingredients
PH5.5 It is a weakly acidic cleanser that fits the skin made of weakly
acidic substances to prevent troubles and protect the skin's moisture barrier.

[How to use]
After washing your hands, take a 500 Won coin size on the wet palm.
Rub enough with lukewarm water to make a bubble and put it on your face.
Depending on the type of skin, wait 30 seconds for cleansing and 1~3 minutes for exfoliation before washing.