Imbio baby Lactobacillus Plus 2g x 30 EA 10 billion lactic acid bacteria + zinc + vitamin D

Imbio Lactobacillus Plus
2g x 30 EA

-80 billion input, 10 billion guaranteed lactic acid bacteria
-4 Step SP complex patent coating, intestinal survival rate, preservation rate UP!
- Combination of various strains of 19 species
- Synbiotics with prebiotics
- Easily supplement vitamin D & zinc with 1 pack
Zinc 4.3mg, Vitamin D 400iu
- Sub-materials with meticulous attention to detail
LB Plantarum culture dried product, enzyme, acacia dietary fiber, fructooligosaccharide, milk calcium

[How to take]
Mix with powdered milk or milk, mix with yogurt, mix with water or juice, whole stick
Please take 1 sachet once a day.