Im UNNY Skin Foundation Primer 30ml Natural cover Multi all-in-one care


I'm UNNY Skin Foundation Primer 30ml

A bright and transparent moisturizing base as if it was my skin.

* Face correction & natural cover
Peach color similar to skin tone naturally permeates the skin, correcting the tone, and helping to express bright skin.
*Smooth blurring effect
Elastic elastomer and spherical powder fill the skin irregularities and correct the texture to create clear and transparent skin.
* Multi all-in-one care
A smart item that can solve makeup base + moisture primer + tone correction at once!

[chief ingredient]
Contain centella extract, chamomile flower extract, and cypress water

* With a texture that feels soft and hydrating like a lotion, and a peach tone similar to the skin color,
it lightly adheres to the skin without clumping or lifting even if it is reapplied several times.

[How to use]
Lightly use with sunscreen, etc. when going out lightly or on days when skin makeup is burdensome.
If you use it together before applying the foundation, you can increase the adhesion and coverage.