[Im From] Rice Mask 110g

[I'm From]
Rice Mask 110g

* The rice was ground as it is.
Contains 4.1% of real bitter melon rice to deliver rich nutrition to the skin.
* Sticky texture and firm and soft feeling
* Removes old dead skin cells and waste to make your skin smooth!
* Elasticity UP to sagging pores!

[How to use]
After cleansing, apply evenly in a thick layer.
Depending on the dead skin condition of the skin, gently sweep it like a massage.
After putting the rice mask on, take a break for about 10 minutes and wash your face lightly with water and you're done!
For those who are bothered by the wash-off mask, we recommend using it in the shower.
*You can see a more special effect not only on the lips but also on the areas where old dead skin cells such as elbows and heels have accumulated.