[Im Dak] Homemade Spicy Chicken Breast Jerky 20g x 10EA Protein 8.9g /62Kcal per pack

[I'm Dak]
Homemade Chicken Breast Jerky 20g
[Spicy & Original]

-100% chicken breast jerky with Korean plums
-A healthy snack flavored with Korean wheat soy sauce, plum juice, and sea salt
-It contains real pepper seeds as it is, so it has a subtly spicy taste. (Spicy Flavor )
-No coloring agents, antioxidants, and starch added

Original Chicken Breast Jerky: Protein 7.7g /50kcal per pack
Spicy chicken breast jerky: Protein 8.9g /62kcal per pack

[Recommended for these people.]
-Those who didn't like tough jerky!
-Those who need snacks to enjoy while traveling!
-People who need snacks when they want to eat meat or when their mouth is bored!
-Those who need protein intake!