Ilyang Korean 6-year-old daily red ginseng Sticks 10g x 30 packs Ginsenoside daily intake 8mg!

6-year-old daily red ginseng tablets
10g x 30 packs

-Only 6-year-old Korean red ginseng is used
-Contains red ginseng patented for fertility
-Soft taste with reduced bitterness, so it can be consumed casually by all ages!
-Easy to take anytime, anywhere with a stick-type pouch.
-Ginsenoside daily intake 8mg!
-More abundant with traditional auxiliary ingredients!
Contains angelica, hwanggi, cinnamon, licorice, peony, cheongoong, and reishi mushroom.

[How to take]
Once a day, take 1 packet (10g) at a time.
In the case of an unusual constitution or allergic constitution,
please take it after checking the ingredients or consulting a doctor.