[ILWOUL]30pcs KOREA 3D 4-PLY Premium Mask / Individual Pack / korean mask / Face shield White (L)

KOREA 3D 4-PLY Premium Mask White (L) 30pcs

- SB 4-ply filter structure mask
It is hygienic due to the four-fold structure principle and can breathe comfortably even when worn.
-3-stage folding three-dimensional structure
It can be worn comfortably from nose to chin.
-Comfortable span earband
It is a high elastic span ear band, so it can be worn comfortably for a long period of time because there is no problem on the ear.
-Anti-fog nose support
-100% domestically produced

[How to wear]
1. Unfold the mask folded in 3 layers, attach the nose support to the nose,
and fix the lower part to the chin. Hold the entire mask with both hands and apply it to the face.