[Ildong]Korean Food TeunTeun Calcium Chewable1.5g x120Tablets Calcium+Vitamin D+Zinc For 1Month

[Ildong Pharmaceutical]
TeunTeun Calcium Chewable 1.5g x 120 Tablets
Calcium + Vitamin D + Zinc

Delicious calcium that protects the whole family's bone health
Essential nutrient calcium during growth
Deliciously chewable milk flavor chewable tablet
Individual packaging for easy portability

[Recommended for these people.]
-Those who want to consume vitamin D, calcium, and zinc at once
-Those who need help with bone health
-Those who want to manage bone health
-Those who want to eat vitamins and minerals by chewing easily
-Modern people lacking calcium due to dietary habits such as carbonated drinks and coffee
-Office workers who can't see the sunlight well due to long time indoors

[How to take]

Chew or melt 2 tablets twice a day and once.

What is the recommended daily intake of calcium?

Male :
700mg for ages 6-8, 800mg for ages 19-29, 750mg for ages 50-64
700mg for 6-8 years old, 700mg for 19~29 years old, 800mg for 50-64 years old