Ildong Household Health Care Kids Strong Calcium Vitamin D 1500mg x 60caps

Kids Strong Calcium Vitamin D 
1500mg x 60caps

Among the food additives, HPMC, magnesium stearate, colorants, and synthetic fragrances were not added.
*Contains calcium and vitamin D!
British seaweed powder (calcium powder extracted from algae), Swiss vitamin D3 (a type of vitamin classified as fat-soluble), New Zealand whey calcium powder (a powder obtained by separating calcium from milk whey), Italian calcium carbonate (carbonated acid) Contains a substance formed by the meeting of ions and calcium).
*Sub-ingredients: Contains coconut cream powder, yogurt powder, and cocoa powder
Contains Korean powdered crystalline glucose, fructooligosaccharide, and enzyme-treated stevia
Contains shark cartilage powder from Australia, xylitol and colostrum powder from France, coconut cream powder from Philippines, rice protein powder from Vietnam, zinc oxide and rice bran extract from USA, hydrolyzed milk protein from New Zealand, and cocoa powder from Netherlands.
*Chewable type that can be eaten by chewing
*Add 210mg of calcium and 10ug of vitamin D with one tablet per day.